The surname has all but died out in the UK, with just four Coolidge households appearing in the 1939 register, but today in the United States there are around 3,000 people named Coolidge, with the highest concentration in Massachusetts[i].

The first Coolidge identified in our own family tree is William Coolidge, a farmer who died in 1618, and was buried in Cottenham, Cambridgeshire.  He fathered six children and our own line is descended from his third son John, one of the first Puritan settlers of the town of Watertown, Massachusetts, New England. 

  • William Cooledge (1563-1618)

  • John Coolidge (1604-1691)

  • Nathaniel Coolidge (1634-1711)

  • Joseph Coolidge (1684-1749)

  • Samuel Coolidge (1721-1753)

  • Moses Coolidge (1753-1838)

  • Samuel Frederick Coolidge (1780-1861)

  • Frederick William Skinner Coolidge (1816-1896)

  • William Augustus Brevoort Coolidge (1850-1926)

[i] American Surnames last accessed 17 Dec 2021