An Irish surname from the west coast of Ireland and one of many spelling variations derived from Ó Tuathaigh.  Other variations include Toohey, Tuohey, Tuohy, Twohig, and many, many more.

Ó Tuathaigh translates from Gaelic as ‘descendant of Tuathach’ a byname meaning ‘chief lord’ (i.e. ruler over a tuath ‘tribe or territory’).[i]

There are very few resources available to trace Irish family history following a disastrous fire at the Public Records Office in Dublin on 30 June 1922 in the early days of the Irish Civil War when, after a two-day bombardment, an explosion and fire swept through the building destroying almost all the Irish census returns, original wills dating back to the 16th century, and more than a thousand Church of Ireland parish registers filled with baptism, marriage and burial records.

Our own Twohey line, albeit short, starts in the picturesque village of Castleconnell, in County Limerick on the banks of the River Shannon. 

romantic 19th century poem describing the scene of riverside village of Castleconnell in County Limerick, Ireland
Early 19th century sonnet[ii]
  • James Twohey (1794-1866) married ?

    At least six sons including Joseph and Thomas

  • Joseph Twohey (1837-1913) married Catherine Dibben (1850-1934)

    Two children: Norah Louisa and Eva May

  • Eva May “Evelyn” Twohey (1883-1969) married Harry Cuthbert Collingwood (1879-1953)

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