According to the Internet Surname Database, Collingwood with alternative spellings including “Collinwood” and “Collingworth” is of English locational origin, probably from a wood called ‘Callingwood’ in Staffordshire. The Assize Rolls of 1247 record the placename as “Le Chaleng” and later in 1280 it is recorded as “Calyngewode”. The first element is from the Old Norse French “calenge” meaning “challenge” or “dispute”, hence, “the wood of disputed ownership”.[i]

Our Collingwood line descends from a long-established family from the hamlet of Croxall historically in Derbyshire but since 1895 part of the Edingale Parish, Staffordshire, about 7 miles north of Tamworth.

The earliest parish records to be found is the baptism of Thomas and Rebeccah Collingwood’s two sons, Isaac in 1772 and Joseph in 1774[ii].  Joseph married Mary and they had nine children between 1802 and 1829 and our line descends from their eldest son also called Joseph whose twin William died in 1803.

  • Thomas Collingwood (? – aft 1774)

  • Joseph Collingwood (1774 – 1829)

  • Joseph Collingwood (1802 – bef. 1841)

  • Joseph Collingwood (1821 – 1904)

  • Charles Reginald Collingwood (1855 – 1934)

  • Harry Cuthbert Collingwood (1879 – 1953)

  • ‘Reggie’ Horatio Reginald Cuthbert Collingwood (1906 – 1913)

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