The Brock family of Guernsey was established in the sixteenth century and our line lasted until the death of Henry Walter Brock in 1919, who was the last of our Brocks born on the island.

The Jersey historian Rev JA Messervy wrote in 1917 “From the 16th century, several branches of the Le Brocq family accompanied the Seigneur of St Ouen to settle in Sark.  It is from Sark that a Le Brocq went to settle in Guernsey, where he founded, under the name of Brock, a family that became most influential.”[i]

Thomas Brock became Rector of St Pierre-du-Bois in 1802 and his eighth child and youngest son Carey became Rector of the church after his father’s death.  Carey’s eldest child and first son (Henry) Walter followed his father and grandfather into the Rectory.  Walter died in 1919 and ended the link between the Brocks and the church.

St Pierre-du-Bois, Guernsey,  Thomas Brock, Rector from 1803, Carey Brock, Rector from 1851 and H Water Brock, Rector from 1892.
Celebrating 100yrs of Brocks at St Pierre du Bois, Guernsey | from the private collection of Natalie Mayhew

The below timeline is partly based on information held in the Priaulx Library in Guernsey.[ii]

  • William Brock (c1530-1582) married Colletin Fenian (? – ?)

    At least one child: John

  • John Brock (1579-?) married Christine Mansell (?-?)

    At least one child: Antoine

  • Antoine (Anthony) Brock (1644-c1729) married Catherine Bord (1648-1721)

    At least one child: William

  • William Brock (1675-aft 1766) married Anne Henry (?-?)

    At least one child: William

  • William Brock (1702-1776) married Mary Henry (1706-1742)

    Six children: Anne, William, Pierre, Jean (John), Bengamie, Pierre, Mary and Henry

  • Henry Brock (1740-1818) married Susannah De Saumarez (1743-1830)

    Thirteen children: Mathew, John, George, Anne, James, Amelia, Thomas, Henry, Susan, Sausmarez, Emily, Henry and Mary

  • Thomas Brock (1777-1850) married Mary Carey (1780-1864)

    Twelve children: Mary, William, Anne, Henry, Emma, Emily, Martha Harriet, Thomas, Henry Frederick, Anne, Carey and Frances Sumner

  • Carey Brock (1824-1892) married Frances Elizabeth Georgina Baynes (1827-1905)

    Eight children: Henry Walter, Thomas, Mary Constance, Amy Frances, Alexander Cameron, Mabel Agnes, Nora Margaret and Elsie McCleod

  • Alexander Cameron Brock (1855-1898) married Elizabeth Brevoort Coolidge (1857-1906)

    Five children: Neville Brevoort Carey, Cecile Frances, Lilian Carey, Constance May and Helen Margaret

  • Neville Brevoort Carey Brock (1883-1962) married Ellen May Catharine ‘Elena’ Collingwood (1904-1974)

    Two children: John Collingwood and Elisabeth Neville

  • Elisabeth Neville Brock (1933-1985) married Charles Peter ‘Peter’ Mayhew (1929-1980)

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[ii] Priaulx Library – Brock files: 29. Brock family outline, list of births, marriages, and deaths.  Last accessed Dec 2009