The surname Levens derives from a Middle English given name Lefwine, which in turn comes from the Old English elements “leof,” which meant “dear” or “beloved,” and “wine,” which meant “friend.”

Our Levens line starts in Croydon with Richard Levens, born about 1671, a Croydon Innkeeper whose Will is held in the National Archives[i].

Richard’s descendants had links to bell ringing at Croydon Minster for over 60 years and bellringing at Croydon was elevated in its mathematical artistry in a significant way during this time.[ii]

  • Richard Levens (abt 1671-1748) married Rachel (abt 1679-1744)

    Eight children: Elizabeth, William, John, Allingham,Thomas, Joseph, Samuel and Job

  • Thomas Levens (1708-1797) married Sarah Aldridge (1722-1806)

    Five children: Sarah, Thomas, William, Samuel and Richard

  • Samuel Levens (1753-1843) married Molly Jones (1759-1816)

    Seven children: Thomas, John, Charles, John, Ann and Amy

  • Thomas Levens (1784-1885) married Priscilla Wilson (1786-1863)

    Two children, Sarah and Charles

  • Charles Levens (1809-1877) married (1) Sarah Allen (1823-1876) and (2) Mary Ann Godfrey (1812-1858)

    (1) Two children: Louisa and Isabella

    (2) Thirteen children: Charles, Edward, Priscilla, Sarah, William, James, Mary, Elizabeth, Emma, James, Eliza, Ann (aka Hannah) and Henry

  • Edward Levens (1836-1917) married (1) Catherine Finch (1839-1886) and (2) Mary Ann Lancaster

    (1) Six children: Edward, George, William, John, Emma and Catherine

[i]PROB 11/765/394 Will of Richard Levens, Innholder of Croydon , Surrey via National Archive

[ii]Minster bells have been ringing the changes for four centuries via Inside Croydon last accessed 17 Jan 2023